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"Peaceful / Zen / Flowing are words our clients often use
to describe how they experience our work."
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In order to ensure a successful outcome to a design project, BBA has four key processes that it adheres to. These are:
"Follow Through".

Listen - to our clients hopes and dreams that they want to achieve with their project. BBA's role is to interpret this into a defined set of design goals. BBA's experienced input will steer this in a design direction that adequately addresses all the clients' needs and concerns, taking into account any key items that the client may not have considered. The questions asked by BBA are as important as the answers given by the client.

Observe - the site, or in the case of a renovation, the existing structure along with the site. Also of importance is the surrounding environment, neighborhood, and landscape. A careful analysis is made to determine the opportunities, including view, solar exposure, privacy, and access to the site. Also, any potential problems and limitations are addressed, evaluating their possible impact on the overall design goals. Often, both opportunities and potential problems can be quite subtle, requiring a sensitive eye to shape both into the successful outcome.

Respond - by design, to the client's goals. An inspirational response will occur only after the first two processes have led to a defined set of design paramaters. This response is the most important asset that BBA brings to the table. Bernie Baker's 30 plus years of design experience has developed an artistic functional aesthetic. At the center of a BBA design is a clear understanding that the interior of a home is the heart of the design, from which the art of the exterior follows. A BBA concept seeks a design response that treats the interior and exterior as inseparable elements of the whole, while artfully integrating the client's design goals. The attention paid to materials, details, and function lead to a very aesthetically pleasing, but also a very functional, house, that stands the test of time.

Follow through - by working with a total team approach. BBA coordinates with our technical consultants early in the design process. We also coordinate with the General Contractor from design develoment all the way through construction completion. These consultants, including the General Contractor, are experts in their field, and are very important in the innovation and execution of the design. Also, the most important member of the team is the client. BBA's experience is that a successful outcome is directly related to the client and architect being involved all the way through construction. Constant attention to detail and communication with the team members and owner is the only way to have a successful, high quality, project.

Bernie Baker's design portfolio is filled with many successful projects, following these processes. They are tried and true, and are the core of the design work that we do.

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