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Fidalgo Island Residence


- Patterns of Home, Jacobson, Silverstein, & Winslow

This home is perched on a 90-foot cliff above the Puget Sound shoreline on a solid rock swale between two opposing outcroppings. These elements offered both a challenge and a promise to maximize the westerly coastal views and potential layout of structures.

The house, guesthouse, and garage are composed to fulfill a number of site planning goals. Vehicular access, guest parking, and auto storage were placed to the east perimeter, minimizing their intrusion on the site. The entry courtyard was formed using existing rock outcroppings and a three-structure approach.  Besides the entry function, this courtyard serves as an intimate oasis. The house purposely shields the view and wind to insure that the intimate garden can be fully appreciated.

The winged house is divided into private spaces to the north and living spaces to the south, each having its own three-way view.  Each wing also has an offset foreground of the courtyard and the opposing wing of the house. The small west "canyon" courtyard offers a warm and protected outdoor space for extended use during the colder days of early spring and late fall.

Photos: Chris Eden

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