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Lake Forest Park Residence


Pacific NW Magazine Fall Home Design, Oct. 10, 2004
Sunset Magazine, Jan. 2007

 “I only hope you know what a delight your creation is becoming!  Little did I know.” - Alison

 “Once again, Shane (GC) and Bernie have worked out a terrific solution and we all get what we wanted originally.  If we’re going to continue that cute baseball analogy, that’s a home run!!...”

"It’s a real tribute the team that has been developed that Pacific Magazine is interested.  I approve of having each and every one of you credited with your terrific participation and getting the recognition you deserve … What acknowledgement I get is knowing I really scored in the people who created this …I mean how much better does it get? .... I think we all come out with a project / experience that we can be proud to be part of!!! ...” - Alison

This 1960’s rambler was transformed into a house that took advantage of the lake, sky, and mountain views.  An indoor / outdoor relationship was established within the spaces, designed so that the owner could celebrate family and friends.

The entry experience was reformed to balance the opposing grand view side of the house, and invites the outdoors in with a private entry courtyard and water feature.  The living room’s sliding glass doors can be rolled away to provide a direct connection between indoors and outdoors.

The living arrangement was formed to easily entertain family and friends, as well as be intimate enough for everyday use.  The master bedroom suite was relocated away from the view side to the quiet entry courtyard, with it’s water feature and secret garden patio.

Photos: Benjamin Benschneider, Bill Holt, BBA

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